The idea of S4Y

With  the experience of the working for big companies and as an individual contractor i faced the benefits and drawbacks of both large companies with their robust processes and endless meetings and freelancers – fast, inexpensive and… untrusted.

This is there the idea of S4Y as a team of developers getting their share in the common business as if they would be self-employed entrepreneurs backed up with the right done management, pre-established infrastructure and redundancy resources came from.

Sergey Dolin, founder

And here we are today:

The headquarter is in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

As we traditionally targeted USA market there’s the sales representative in Boston Metro Area and we are looking for more.

And the most important part of us – the developers in few countries across the world – with the proven success stories and trusted by at least 2 years of the cooperation.

What we do

On the quote request we do some research like the other IT contractors but that we are different is the result of the research. It is not a silly “proposal” – formal and meaningless in the most cases – but the set of the ICONIX diagrams which ensure we have clear understanding of that to do and can provide the reasonable quote and duration estimate.

Next it is possible to get in some cases a Proof of Concept or Preview for free. It is not a gift or charity or attempt to lure a client – the main purpose of this stage is to become even more sure we are on the same page with the client and really can provide the solution.

Further we are establishing the environment targeted to the real production environment the client would like to have. In case we have no clear vision about the production in the very stage we refuse to start work at all. We are aimed to a success, not to the sucking
client’s money.

And here the development begins roughly divided in the main tree stages:

  • preview: the client could see the progress very rapidly and ensure we are moving in the right direction;
  • making the framework: there’s almost no visible progress – we are making LEGO details and craft them to fit best to each other;
  • development: once again the fast visible progress we are building the application on the framework of the previous phase;

The process of the development resembles the well known SCRUM in the mean we are moving sprint by sprint and provide MVP every 10-15 days but it is different from SCRUM in part of management: our developers work under the strict control, they do not pickup the tasks on their wills but execute the assigned tickets according to the detailed instructions.

The most tough part is the review. Here we need the help of the client that must be “Product Owner” in terms of the SCRUM but, from our experience, he is rare capable to be. And this a main reason of the project to fail – developing the services in time and quote does not mean the service can be launched soon. And we start to waste our time and money. To avoid such disaster we are pretty picky about the client’s communication on the very first stage.

Finally – the launch. There are no the same clients with the same production environment, alas. And to leverage the release process we denote the project’s result as a set of artefacts including: source code, dockers in some repository, docker-compose.yml as a separate file and the procedure of the launching the dockers by docker-compose within the client’s or approved by the client environment.

This is the moment where we say good buy to the happy client and moving to another.

Wait? What about support? Thanks to the world scattered team we can provide it 24 x 7 and thanks to our well managed and robust development process – 2 months for free.