A new visible to a world link has appeared today – we have deployed the first sprint of “Ethereum Deed Service” DAPP project.

The service intended to be easy to use Ethereum smart contract based escrow system.

As a real DAPP the service is to be deployed to IPSF and run the logic through the distributed blockchain having (almost) no dependeces on 3rd party service.

“Almost” because it is not decided yet should we store agreement related data in the blockchain or use IPFS/Swarm. It is under investigation yet.

The past week we have managed:

  1. Establish development environment
  2. Establish CI/CD process to deploy the service to IPFS
  3. Implementation of few Smart Contract methods with corresponding test units passed
  4. React/Mobx frontend detecting connection to Ethereum wallet
  5. React/Mobx landing page to welcome new comers having no Ethereum wallet yet
  6. The messages and text content are prepared to be translated on the browser preferred language

It has been done 3 days ahead the sprint deadline.

The next sprint to have frontend capable to show the user his existing agreements and let create new oner.

Much thanks to CJ PATOILO creator of Milligram CSS theme we used to use to make our MVPs to do not look absolutely ugly and bloated.

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