…unless you are ok with wasting your time

They often wrote it is cool to build the docker image with just one multistage Dockerfile by using first SDK image to build the code to binary and next use runtime base image to create production ready smaller image.

But they cheat you not saying the build stage can not be tagged and thus cached as a results making the small changes in the CMD line you will have to wait for everything have to be rebuilt from the very scratch. The bloggers who are promoting multistage builds think they are cool they know advanced technic but they have not to provide the product to the client in the given timeline. They just have a fun. But we do not. This why we ether build the binaries on dev workstation (if it is possible) or make CI systems like drone.io do build step with all the caching available and next create docker with the simplest Dockerfile which just copies the build binaries to the directories.

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