This web service is counterpart of Android RED application and used by travel company staff to manage routes and placemarks for their clients.

The Material UI based fronted was developed to be used on tablets and small-screen netbooks

and assumed the scenario there the creating of the route starts from uploading the KML either by DnD the file(s) to the designited area

or by “File upload” dialog. After the KML is uploaded it is parsed and presented as a set of GEO elements with the ability to modify, delete, change the order.

The fronted has been created with Material UI framework, React, MobX and home brew JSON RPC client library. It was the very first time where we gave up with Apollo GraphQL client because of lot of breaking changes in its code.

JSON RPC paired with MobX reactive features become a perfect alternative to Apollo React because of its simplicity and lightweight with almost the same set of features.

The mapping functionality has been implemented with old good Leafleat library we used for years before and drag and dropping feature with “react beautiful dnd” library from Atlassian.

The server backend is a Golang binary bundled with in-proc NoSQL boltdb database as a storage. This approach let us to make the launch and management as simple as running one docker and provide blazing fast user experience.

As a result of using well known and robust components the most of the work has been completed in 2 Agile sprints 2 weeks each. Next there was a month of the support period with some fixes and improvements.

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