React/Redux – GraphQL – Nodejs/Mongodb

A very sad story of the failed project that could be the great success. We implemented GraphQL API around the Mongo database and consumed it in React/Redux frontend.

Finally functionality is:

    JWT based authentication/authorization
  • optional registration via Social Networks
  • multicriteria searching and filtering
  • generating the PDFs for CVs and resumes
  • Messaging between the jobseekers and employers
  • based video conferences

It was started in December, 2016 and in May, 2017 with the efforts of two developers we had it ready for the client’s review and provided docker build pipeline.

Meanwhile our Texas sales manager – Marina Marhs decided she could manage the development and the team by herself, kept the money she had received from the client and completely ruined the release with the broken communications and having not tester and devops in her team.

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