Benjamin Franklin said “Time is money”. In fact time is far not money because one can earn money back if he once lost them. But nobody could return the wasted time.

Our judgment is “If a project lasts more than 3 months it is likely to fail”. Besides of the making the customer to wait for getting the result there’s an understanding that technologies, tools, frameworks in the modern world are changing rapidly and not providing the solution in half of the year we definitely will leave our clients with the solution obsoleted in the moment of the launch.

This is why we are in S4Y are very specific about the fast software development and we have true reason to claim we can do it.

S4Y is different from the many of others software companies from the origin as crisis management turned to the IT development not the IT development looked for the better management.

With the very flexible team working all over the world we can afford to be low cost as we would be freelancers and yet to be highly organized like the big company.

While having sound knowledge of PM BOK, Scrum, ICONIX we do not stuck with the bureaucracy and following formal rules but adopted processes and workflows to our skills, habits and clients expectations.

Having the experience over 25 years in IT we are aware about lot of the caveats that could hurt the development process and we can guard our clients from getting into the troubles.

But the strongest side of us is the communication expertise – the most difficulty of the IT business is the customers rare are able to explain their needs and developers do not have clear understanding of the requirements. Moreover in most cases the business is affected by the new software and because of this it is often needed to redo the brand new soft. This is where we can help our customers being kind of business analytics and predict the requirements not visible in the moment of the planning.

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